Working with the Inner Child

The Inner Child is a metaphorical concept used to describe emotional memories which have been stored in the person's subconscious from conception through to puberty and are having a detrimental effect on the client's adult life.

During Hypnotherapy, the therapist is able to guide the client to communicate with their Inner Child.  In doing so, they attempt to identify any unresolved childhood experiences which they have carried into adulthood and may be having a detrimental effect on their life.

Working with the Inner Child during Hypnotherapy can help resolve issue such as:


Self-Defeating Behaviours

Neediness, Dependency, fear of abandonment


Weight Control

Panic Attacks

If you feel that emotional memories or traumas are causing issues in your life I would like to discuss how working with your inner child could help you.  Please visit my contact page here.  I am looking forward to your call.