How to fit back into your shorts this Summer, even if biscuits are your downfall

In my latest email, I talked about a TV show where viewers send in funny home-made videos.
Someone had taken a video of a bird, it looked like a heron,

And a big bear.

And despite the difference in size between these two creatures, it was actually the heron that was intimidating the bear!
Each time the bear moved towards it, the heron would stand tall,

Raise its wings,

Move forward 

and frighten off the bear.

The bear would have another attempt.

Running towards the heron,

The heron again, raised its wings,

Stood tall

and off the bear would run.
As I was watching, I thought ...


I wonder what the outcome of those two creatures meeting would have been if the heron had, through fear or anxiety,

cowered down, dropped its head and wrapped its wings tightly around itself?


Something I used to feel like doing, depending on the eating challenge I was facing at the time, have you felt like this before?

One of the things I teach clients about in my Weight Loss Challenges and End Emotional Eating Programmes,

is how our body language and our physiology has a profound impact on our ability to stop a sugar craving,

whether or not we say "NO" to the biscuits staring us down from the cupboard.

How we hold our body, our posture.

Do we stand with our shoulders hunched if we're feeling anxious, defeated etc.

knowing it's only a matter of time before we give in to that opened box of chocolates (especially if we've had a rough day).

Are our facial muscles tense,

Our brows furrowed.

Is our breathing fast and up high in our chest.

and I realised ...

The heron and the bear situation is a perfect example,

Of how changing our body language can change everything.

No matter how big the habit, the eating challenge that we're facing, it is possible to overcome it.

So I have put together a cheat sheet with powerful but very easy steps (all inspired by the heron in the story above!)

To show you how feel in control the next time you're faced with that sugar cravings.

To show you how to change your body language, your posture, your physiology and notice how much different you feel to how you would have felt in the past.

How much more in control you feel this time.

Step #1


As you're standing there, battling the urge to binge on the sugary stuff, start to notice your body language.

Firstly, focus on all of the tiny muscles in your forehead.

Is your forehead tense and furrowed?

If it is, relax those muscles.

Move down through your face to your jaw.

Is your jaw clenched?

If it is, relax the muscles in your jaw.

Step #2

Rest your tongue.

Did you know that resting your tongue in the bottom of your mouth, so that the tip of your tongue is just lightly touching the back of your bottom front teeth, stops any internal chatter?

Use it to stop self-sabotaging thoughts such as

"go on, eat it, just one more is fine"

or "you've been good all week, you deserve a treat"

Step #3

How are your shoulders feeling?

Are they hunched?

If they are, relax them.

and now ...


Lift your head up


Put your shoulders back and SMILE

How are you feeling now about leaving that packet of biscuits on the shelf?

Step #4

How is your breathing?

The chances are, if you have made the changes above, your breathing will have changed automatically, to reflect the empowering changes you have made with your body language.

When you change your body language, your breathing will change.  When you change your breathing, your body language will change.

Remember, to reduce anxiety or bring down a sugar craving, breathe 7/11.


Breathe in for the count of 7

hold for a moment

breathe out for the count of 11. 

3/5 or 5/8 will work too.  Just remember that the out breath must be almost twice as long as the in breath.


The above, powerful yet extremely easy, techniques require no willpower, it is so possible for you to overcome the sugar craving.

In my Weight Loss Challenges and End Emotional Eating Programmes I have taught clients tools and techniques to not only lose weight but to keep the weight off, all without the need for willpower.

I'd love to hear how the techniques change things for you.