Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band is a safe, relaxing and enjoyable way to experience all of the benefits of a Gastric Band with NO surgical procedure.


Please note:  Virtual Gastric Band is not a quick fix solution where the client is 'made thin'.  It requires a commitment to the plan that is agreed between the hypnotherapist and the client and a commitment to undertake the tasks that are given as homework.

Virtual Gastric Band requires a pre-assessment to evaluate the client's suitability to the procedure which will include a letter from the GP and  proof from the client that they are fully committed to what is required and are prepared to carry out the tasks agreed at the initial consultation.  Not doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Virtual Gastric Band involves 4 sessions and costs just £300.  The price includes an mp3 recording of each session which is to be used between each visit to enhance the experience.  Payment options can be agreed if required.