Fifteen Minute Successes
Get those tasks done by breaking them down into chunks of 15 minutes … whether its the pile of ironing, keeping the kids happy on a busy day or some bigger such as a work project with a fast approaching deadline.  Break it down into 15 minutes and get it done.  Feel great, feel accomplish, feel motivated but also feel like you can give yourself a break by focussing on only 15 minutes at a time.
Get Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable
When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone to accomplish something?
Watch this video to give yourself the motivation to do just that.  Get Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable talks about moving out of your comfort zone and being ok with feeling uncomfortable in order to achieve something.
How do you start your day?
When you wake in the morning, what are you first thoughts? what are your first actions?  do you set yourself up for positivity or does your morning always get off on the wrong foot and tend to go downhill from there? 
A positive mindset, some positives thoughts can change your whole day.  Watch this video and decide what changes you will make starting tomorrow!