That demotivating word 'diet'


how there really is no need to deprive yourself 

What feelings and thoughts come up for you when you think about the word 'diet'?

How does it make you feel?

What thoughts go through your head when you decide to 'go on a diet'?

Always being hungry, having to deprive yourself, constantly feeling that you want to eat, going around in circles?

Or maybe it starts off with hope and excitement about the weight loss you're hoping to achieve this time.

But I'm guessing you wouldn't be here reading this if it was a story of success from start to end.

Every time I decided I wanted to lose weight, as soon as I said the word ‘diet’ in my mind I would feel flat, demotivated.

It was as if I knew already what that meant.

That was because I associated that word with having to deprive myself.

Having to deprive myself of foods that I enjoy eating otherwise I wouldn’t lose weight.

Otherwise I would have failed straight away.

I’d put all of my attention on the foods that I had told myself that I couldn’t have.

It wasn’t helpful and I wasn’t giving myself the best chance of achieving my goal.

If this is how you feel, I want to share with you what I did differently.

I started to change how I thought about weight loss and eating healthier.

And if you have done one of my Weight Loss - Change Your Mindset Challenges you'll know how important starting off in the right frame of mind is.

The first thing I did was to ban the word 'diet'.

To get rid of it from my vocabulary.

And I renamed it to something more positive.

I really gave some thought about what losing weight meant to me.

One word or a sentence that described how I would feel once I had achieved my goal.

So now I wasn’t on a diet, I was on a Journey To Confidence.

(Before you read any further, spend a minute or two doing this.  First say the word 'diet' to yourself and notice how it makes you feel then say something more positive, use Journey to Confidence if you can't think of anything straight away and notice how this makes you feel instead.)

And the next thing I did was to stop depriving myself.

To stop thinking that I needed to completely cut out all of the foods that I enjoyed eating otherwise I wouldn't lose weight.

Of course there will need to be changes if you’re in the habit of eating sugary, fatty foods at every meal but you can make choices, choose to have that treat once a week for example.

There is no need to completely deprive yourself of the things you enjoy and it's better if you don't because that's just not sustainable.

I wonder what reaching your goal would mean to you?


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