Give yourself the resources you need ...


This social event has been playing on your mind ever since you found out about it.

Perhaps its one you felt you couldn't say no to, perhaps its one you're expected to attend due to family commitments.  Maybe socialising is part of your job and  it just wouldn't be acceptable to admit how you feel.

You've hardly slept due to the anxiety its creating, how you wish you could just go and feel calm, like you do in other situations.

How would it feel to be able to change that, to give yourself the resources that you need at that moment?  To feel more confident, more in control, to even enjoy it?

The next time you're in that situation use these easy steps to begin to change how you feel:

1.  Firstly, allow yourself to be there in that moment, in the room, with the other people who are there.  For the moment just allow the anxiety that you would usually feel to flow through you in whichever way it wants to.

2.  Now imagine that you could freeze that moment and all the feelings that go with it and step out of the picture, as if you're stepping out of a moment in time, stepping out of a still picture.

3.  Now imagine that you're passing yourself the resources that you need, perhaps confidence, a feeling of being in control, a clear voice, easily finding topics of conversation, or perhaps just accepting who you are and that its ok to not speak.  You'll know what you need.  

4.  Now imagine going back into that situation with these new resources and noticing how much better it feels.  Notice what it looks like with these new resources.  Notice what you feel, how you look, notice how it now sounds.

Do this as often as you need and notice how quickly you begin to change from the old pattern to a new positive one of feeling confident and in control.

Please note:  Any new onset of anxiety or worsening of symptoms must be checked out by a GP before starting any complementary techniques.