Smoking Cessation

It is never too late to become a non-smoker.  The health benefits include:  more energy, longer life expectancy and increased lung function to name but a few.  Less stress is another benefit of becoming a non-smoker and whilst you may initially reach for that cigarette to reduce stress in the short term, in the long term smoking actually causes more stress to your body. 


No matter what age you are as soon as you stop smoking your health will benefit.  The sooner you become a non-smoker, the sooner your body will begin to recover, in just 8 hours after your last cigarette the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal and oxygen levels rise.

Hypnotherapy is more effective than willpower alone because it can change the habits in your subconscious mind and reduce the desire for a cigarette.  To gain the maximum effect during therapy you must be sure that your desire to stop smoking is yours as opposed to doing it because someone else wants you to.


If you're ready to become a 'non-smoker' my contact details are here and I am looking forward to your call.