Having tried every weight loss method from Calorie Counting, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley, to Low Carb where I can honestly say I lost weight BUT couldn't keep it off the idea of "Think Yourself Thin" really appealed. What did I have to lose!

So I signed up for the 5 day free course. I found Julie so easy to listen to and more importantly what she was saying about imbedding new eating habits really made sense.  I took on board every technique she taught us and at the end of the week was already experiencing changes in my attitude towards food.


I then knew that to make this a success it made complete sense to sign up for the "Keep the weight off" 21 day course. Well I certainly didn't look back. The support that Julie gives to her clients is second to none. Posting on the Facebook page regularly, encouraging clients to support one another, checking in on how I was feeling and coping have all helped me to make new eating habits.


But what about the weight loss? I am 10 weeks into using Julie's techniques and I have lost 18lbs. I haven't struggled, or felt deprived and I have eaten out on a few occasions.


All I am doing now is making sensible choices and enjoying the food that I am eating. Thanks Julie for making this possible with your amazing techniques.

[Lesley Gilmore, Weight Loss Group Programme Client]

“When I booked my 4 x 1 hour sessions to help me with weight management I was a little sceptical But believe me, after 10 minutes talking to Julie that all flew out the window. Was like I had known her all my life. Never felt so at ease with anyone I have just met ever. It’s hard to believe that after one session I felt so excited to see what she could do on the following three sessions to out do our first. Her techniques are so unique and so easy to follow week after week that I actually have changed my eating habits exercise habits and after 4 weeks have started to notice (as well as family friends and work colleagues) the change in my mood as well as appearance. Julie helped me 110% believe in me and what I can and have achieved myself. I will miss our weekly sessions and can not recommend her highly enough. Many thanks again Julie you truly have changed my life."

[Ashleigh Robins, 1-1 Weight Loss Client]

“I believe that the hypnotherapy sessions correctly targeted the habit / behavioural aspects of my condition and during the last month I have been completely free of this. I am only still troubled by the impact from lying flat with my hiatus hernia condition and normally get back to sleep pretty quickly. I am certainly freed from the time when my sleep pattern was severely impacted by burping.

I am truly impressed with your professionalism and what has been achieved for me.

Thanks again for the specific treatment but also the many discussions which also helped resolve this difficulty for me.” 

[KF, Tyne Valley Habitual digestive problems]

“Following a period of re-occurring discomfort caused by my diagnosed hiatus hernia and after discussing with my GP I decided to try hypnotherapy as a complementary therapy. After several sessions with Julie I am pleased to say that the discomfort subsided. Julie's approach was very calming and professional, she worked at a pace I was comfortable with and she provided lots of reassurance.” 

[MH, Blaydon Relief from digestive discomfort]

“Having a phobia of buses since childhood which had a huge impact on my daily life I can now say I'm able to travel with no anxiety. My sessions with Julie have completely changed my life as I am no longer in fear of buses which on some days I would let a double decker pass if it was full or in windy weather for fear of it tipping over and as a bonus I can now cope with thunderstorms which my auntie made me scared of as a child. I can honestly say sessions with Julie leave you feeling so relaxed and I still use her technique to relax me for sleep. Thank you Julie x” 

[AH, Bedlington (Phobia and Anxiety]

“Julie is a fantastic practitioner, she put me at ease straight away, I was able to talk to her quite openly and she helped tremendously addressing my sleep problems. A big thank you I now get a good nights sleep.” 

[MM, Whickham (Sleep Problems]