Pain Management

Pain Management is another area where Hypnotherapy has a great track record of success.  Hypnosis shines in the area of Pain Management whether it is with acute pain or chronic pain.  All pain originates in the brain and this is the approach that is taken when Hypnosis is applied to eliminate or greatly reduce pain.

Hypnosis can help your body to make use of the natural painkillers that you were born with and to focus on other parts of the body that are not experiencing pain.

Using Hypnotherapy it can be possible to alter or displace the pain you are experiencing.  It is possible to directly address your pain and suggest that it will decrease or direct your attention away from your pain which in turn will allow you to feel calm and peaceful.

Pain alerts us that something is going on in the body that may need medical treatment.  As such, before using Hypnotherapy for Pain Management it will be necessary to obtain a letter from your GP confirming that a thorough medical evaluation has been carried out to investigate the causes of the pain you are experiencing.  

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