Julie Hindmarsh Hypnotherapy

Please note:  Any new symptoms or worsening symptoms of anxiety should always be checked out by a GP before commencing any of complimentary techniques. 


Did you know ...

...you already have everything inside you that you need to succeed!

Now its time to use it ...

So you're about to go into an interview.  You're in the waiting room and the anxiety you have been feeling since you woke up or even for days is starting to build.  Everything is going around in your head "what will they think of me", "will I remember everything I've prepared".  You start wondering did you even do enough preparation, you're waiting to be called and your heart is thumping right out of your chest and you're certain your mind is going to go blank as soon as you go in.


How would it feel to be able to change that, to give yourself the resources that you need at that moment?  Resources such as feeling more confident, more in control, calm, steady and a rational mind, to give yourself the best possible chance of getting the job you're certain you can do?

Here is a technique you can use to start to change that.

⭐Change how you feel right from the point of applying for that new job.

⭐Change how you feel the morning you wake up on the day of the interview.

⭐Change how you feel when you're getting ready to leave the house.

⭐Change how you feel walking into the building where the interview is being held.

⭐Change how you feel when your name is called.

⭐Change how you feel when you sit down in the interview room

1.  Firstly, imagine yourself in that interview waiting room, make it as vivid as possible, as if you're actually there feeling all of the feelings associated with that situation.  So you're in that waiting room, waiting for your name to be called.  For the moment just allow the anxiety that you would usually feel to flow through you in whichever way it wants to.

2.  Now imagine that you could freeze that moment and all the feelings that go with it and step out of the picture, as if you're stepping out of a moment in time, stepping out of a still picture and you're looking over at the picture, the frozen picture of you sitting in the waiting room.

3.  Now imagine that you're passing yourself the resources that you need, if you're not sure here are some suggestions:  confidence, a feeling of being in control, a clear controlled voice, a steady heartbeat, a calm settled stomach, the ability to easily remember everything you have prepared, the ability to sound like the expert on the organisation that you have researched so thoroughly.  You'll know what you need.  

4.  Now imagine stepping back into that situation with these new resources, imagine how that would feel.  Really notice how you feel with these new resources.  What does the new you look like? What does the new you sound like?

Imagine feeling all of the feelings associated with these new resources and notice how much better that feels.


Just remember to always keep it positive.  Think about what you do want to feel rather than what you don't want to feel.  

I will feel calm rather than I won't feel anxious.

My hand is steady rather than my hand is not shaking.

Focus on what you do want and your subconscious mind will actualise that for you.

Make time to practice this often, at least once a day in preparation for your interview.  The more you do it the more your subconscious mind will know what you want and will change, creating new positive neural pathways in your brain.  Those old habits and old patterns of how interviews used to look like for you will be replaced with a feeling of confidence and being in control.