Feel Free from Interview Anxiety

With the

Internal Dialogue Technique

When I was applying for jobs, anxiety over the interview started so much earlier than on the actual day.

It was the thoughts that I built up in my mind, the things I would say to myself, almost deciding how bad the interview was going to be …

What if my mind goes blank.

What if they ask me something I haven’t prepared for.

The last time I couldn’t even recall what I do in my role now.

And of course it’s understandable that we feel like this.

We know we can do the job.

But we need to get through the interview stage. 

Change that conversation that you’re having in your mind about how the interview is going to be.

Change it to something more positive ... talk in the present tense … AND imagine that you’re there at the interview, speaking in this more positive way ...

I feel calm …

I feel confident …

I am easily recalling information with a clear mind …

Practice this every day and the next time you’re in an interview situation you will notice how it’s changed things for you.

Your subconscious mind where all your beliefs and your habits are stored doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.

So, if you imagine behaving how you want to behave in an interview situation your subconscious mind will actualise that for you.

Go and get that job that you know you can do!