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(No diets.  No calorie counting.  No constantly feeling hungry or deprived. 

No willpower required!)

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  • A never ending daily battle. 

  • Trying every diet under the sun.

  • Losing weight only to put it all (and more!) back on again.

  • Constantly feeling hungry.

  • Feeling deprived of the foods we enjoy.

Diets work for some people some of the time, most people experience short-lived or no success.

The reason that diets fail is because we've been taught to set off-limits foods and reduce the amount that we eat otherwise we won't lose weight.  As a result, we feel constantly hungry and feel that we're depriving ourselves of the foods we enjoy, our self-esteem and confidence take a hit and it's just not possible to maintain this for any length of time.














HYPNOTHERAPY WORKS in Weight Loss by changing WHY we eat rather than  WHAT we eat and without willpower.

  • Why we're unable to leave food on the plate.

  • Why we continue to eat past the point of fullness, sometimes ending up feeling physically sick.

  • Why we crave certain foods when we're feeling bored.

  • Why we stuff down food in an attempt to feel better after a rough day.

This is often referred to as Emotional or Comfort Eating and it's one of the key reasons why we end up piling all of the weight back on again.

Using Hypnotherapy, it IS possible to overcome the eating habits and behaviours that are stopping us from living our best life.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Being in a state of hypnosis is something that we naturally go in and out of many times during the course of our day.  When we're driving for example, we no longer need to think to ourselves "it's time to shift gear"  or "I'm about to stop at a red traffic light", it's natural and automatic but we are still very much in control.  When we watch a film, we laugh, cry, jump with fright even though we know it's not happening in real life.  These two examples are how we move in and out of a state of hypnosis naturally, many times, during the course of the day.  Hypnosis in the therapy room is no different and I will guide the client into that same state of trance.  The client is always in control and no two people experience hypnosis in the same way.


Using Hypnotherapy to change eating habits and behaviours where weight loss simply happens naturally as a very pleasant side effect it is possible to:

  • Stop eating so much that we feel uncomfortably full.

  • Replace the craving for certain foods with a feeling of calmness and being in control.

  • Break the habit of feeling the need for a sweet treat to follow a savoury meal.

  • Stop the arguing in our head and replace it with a feeling of satisfaction.

  • Rewire the brain so that new, healthier eating habits and behaviours become as automatic as the old habit.

  • Replace the belief that we must clean our plate with "I am allowed to leave food on my plate when I've eaten enough to feel full and satisfied".

  • Be free from that demotivating 'dieting' mindset and work with our body rather than against.

So to:

  • Stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

  • Stop feeling constantly hungry and deprived of the foods we enjoy eating.

  • Stop night time snacking.

  • Stop eating past the point of fullness.

  • Stop automatically reaching for the biscuit tin when we feel bored.

And start:

  • Feeling comfortable shopping for clothes.

  • Looking in the mirror and liking what we see.

  • Choosing shorts and a T-Shirt in the Summer instead of covering up.

  • Feeling comfortable in our own skin.

  • Choosing the foods we want to eat when going out to dinner.

  • Feeling in control around food.


FAQs and Further Information

Q.  No other diet plan has worked for, why should this?

A.  Diet plans work for some people some of the time.  Most people experience short-lived or no success.
Traditional diet plans work against our bodies rather than with our natural, primitive need for the food we need and want. 
To really sustain weight loss and to keep the weight off this time, we must look at WHY we eat rather than WHAT we eat.  This is key to sustainable weight loss and that is what my weight loss sessions do.

All of our eating habits and behaviours are stored in our subconscious mind.  This programme works by making changes to our subconscious mind.  When we make changes at this level they are natural, long lasting and grow stronger rather than falling back into old habits.

Q.  How do I know if the time is right for me?

A.  I understand.  I believe that there is never a right time to do something life-changing.  We can ask ourselves, "In one month do I want to still be going around in circles with weight loss or do I want to feel fully in control, still enjoying the foods my body wants and needs to eat and well on the way to lasting weight loss?".

Q.  I've spent a fortune on slimming classes, how can I risk any more money?

A.  I understand.  I have worked with many clients who feel the same way.  All I can say is that when my clients get to the root of their cravings and emotional eating behaviours they experience a deeper understanding of themselves and are able to enjoy lasting weight loss.

Hi.  I'm Julie Hindmarsh and I'm passionate about helping ladies to discover that there IS a different way to achieve weight loss.  A way that builds our confidence instead of knocking it down so that we can look in the mirror and like what we see.

Using easy yet extremely powerful tools and techniques, based on hypnotherapy, we are able to feel in control around food whilst still eating the foods we enjoy, easily choosing the foods we want to eat when out to dinner and feeling comfortable in our own skin.



Having read Julie's post regarding women's eating habits, I found I answered yes to most of the questions. I took the plunge and booked a session!  hypnotherapy is not the same as hypnotising and I could remember everything Julie said to me so initially I thought 'how can this possibly work?' My downfall was buying cakes, chocolate and biscuits then eating the majority of them myself.  After 3 sessions I've found a massive change in my eating habits and no longer crave the sweet treats, in fact, I haven't had any chocolate at all for 4 weeks which is a huge achievement for me. I'm so happy that I no longer crave chocolate!! oh and Julie is really lovely.


Julie was really easy to talk to and the sessions were great, I have been able to reduce my food intake and I feel more in control with my eating habits, I would highly recommend.


Hi, It's Lisa Greener here, I completed your weight loss and emotional eating courses during the first lock down, I just wanted to thank you for running the sessions and to tell  you that the information you have provided and the techniques recommended have helped me enormously, setting myself free of diets removed a huge weight from my shoulders, I'm now more in control of what I eat and when, I'm proud to say I'm now almost two stone lighter and eating much healthier, by choice! So, a huge thank you to you. 


When I booked my 4 x 1 hour sessions to help me with weight management I was a little sceptical   But believe me, after 10 minutes talking to Julie that all flew out the window.  Was like I had known her all my life.  Never felt so at ease with anyone I have just met ever.  It’s hard to believe that after one session I felt so excited to see what she could do on the following three sessions to out do our first.  Her techniques are so unique and so easy to follow week after week that I actually have changed my eating habits exercise habits and after 4 weeks have started to notice (as well as family friends and work colleagues) the change in my mood as well as appearance.  Julie helped me 110% believe in me and what I can and have achieved myself.  I will miss our weekly sessions and can not recommend her highly enough.  Many thanks again Julie you truly have changed my life.  


"Thank you.  I drove for the first time since surgery today so we went to do a bit of shopping.  I didn't buy any of my usual treats, never entered my thought process, I don't think that has every happened before."


I listened to the Zoom session last night.  During the self hypnosis I was overwhelmed with an emotion.  I thought it was sadness as it made me cry but now I'm not sure and I feel so much more positive.  I've tried all sorts of things in the past and have lost weight but even my previous hypnosis didn't deal with the emotional stuff!  I'm loving it and feeling positive"


"I have never felt this positive focussed on a weight journey.  I haven't felt like I've deprived myself, I no longer feel bloated, I feel energised too, so looking forward to seeing myself in a few months looking and feeling amazing"


Having tried every weight loss method from Calorie Counting, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley, to Low Carb where I can honestly say I lost weight BUT couldn't keep it off the idea of "Think Yourself Thin" really appealed. What did I have to lose! So I signed up for the 5 day free course. I found Julie so easy to listen to and more importantly what she was saying about imbedding new eating habits really made sense. I took on board every technique she taught us and at the end of the week was already experiencing changes in my attitude towards food. I then knew that to make this a success it made complete sense to sign up for the "Keep the weight off" 21 day course. Well I certainly didn't look back. The support that Julie gives to her clients is second to none. Posting on the Facebook page regularly, encouraging clients to support one another, checking in on how I was feeling and coping have all helped me to make new eating habits. I find the 7/11 breathing extremely helpful when I am tempted to have a biscuit with that cup of tea. It gives me time to think and decide if I really want that biscuit, how I will feel after I have eaten it and whether there is something else that will satisfy that craving. For me a couple of satsumas did the trick. The daily journal also keeps me grounded. I record something that has gone well with emotional eating that day, something good that i have experiences and finally how I am going to make tomorrow better. It puts me in the right frame of mind when I go to sleep and I wake up feeling positive about the day ahead. But what about the weight loss? I am 10 weeks into using Julie's techniques and I have lost 18lbs. I haven't struggled, or felt deprived and I have eaten out on a few occasions. All I am doing now is making sensible choices and enjoying the food that I

am eating. Thanks Julie for making this possible with your amazing techniques.