I will NOT eat the cake.

I will NOT eat the cake.
I will NOT eat the cake.

But before you know it, it's gone.

And it's disheartening because you were so determined this time.

And exhausting, trying to keep up the strength and motivation.

By saying "I will NOT eat the cake" we are hypnotising ourselves to do the very thing that we're trying to stop doing.

I'll explain why (then I'll tell you what to do instead).

Our subconscious mind (where all of our eating habits are stored) does not process the word NOT.

And if we say I will NOT eat the cake, removing the word not, we are left with I will eat the cake.

To NOT focus on something, you have to first focus on it.  

Such as in the example above, to say "I will NOT eat the cake", you have to first think about the cake.

And we go ahead and automatically eat the cake, sometimes without even realising we're doing it.

And we berate ourselves.

"I have no willpower"

"I must be weak compared to other people"

"I have no confidence in myself"

"I'm fed up with trying to keep motivated"

So we eat more cake because, well, we might as well now.

Before we go any further I want you to Take a Deep Breath as a signal that things are about to change.

Each time we say “I never stop eating”

“I can’t stop thinking about food”

“I’m eating everything in sight”

“I can’t just have one, I end up eating the lot”

“I always have to finish off what's on everyone else’s plate”

We're instructing ourselves to do the very thing that we want to stop doing.

We're focusing on the problem.

And as the saying goes “You get what you focus on”

Your subconscious mind takes those words.

And it thinks they're an instruction from you.

And replies with "As you wish".

And gets you to carry out behaviours to prove that instruction is true.

Behaviours that prove that you're always eating.

Behaviours that prove that you can't leave waste on your plate.

Or prove that you can't just have one, you end up eating the lot.

Starting today, we're going to change what we focus on.

Our thoughts and our words are what are keeping us stuck in our weight loss struggles.

If instead we start to think about what we do want to achieve then that will become our new focus.

“I find it easy to stop eating when I am full and satisfied”

“I am starting to feel more confident in myself”

“I have a healthy relationship with food”

“I am able to refuse that extra piece of cake”

This will become our new focus.

And our subconscious mind will take this as the instruction and reply "as you wish"

And will set out to prove that true instead.

To have you carry out behaviours to prove that you find it easy to stop eating when you're full and satisfied.

Or have you carry out behaviours to prove that you are able to refuse an extra piece of cake.

The more you start to create new thoughts, new words and a new focus, the more your subconscious mind will create new behaviours.

What behaviours are you going to instruct your subconscious mind to carry out?


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