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... I'm sure you already know this but your subconscious mind is where all of your habits and beliefs are created and stored from the day you were born, even earlier than that, some people believe.

Of course, I do understand that there are times when other things influence your day, things that are quite often out of your control …

but …

this is why it is important to take control where you can.

This may take some practice, a change in routine ... “I couldn’t possibly do that, I’ve got kids that wake up way before I do!"  you may say, and yes, I understand that but even then, setting your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than they would usually wake up (even ten minutes earlier!) will give you the time you need and you really will thank yourself (and your subconscious mind!) for it.

When I awake I take a good drink of water then, put on my headphones and listen to a short meditation.  Choose something that you would like to achieve, a part of your life that you feel isn't working as well for you as you would like and spend those 20 minutes deciding how you want to be, how you want to feel.  This can apply to weight management or something more general.  Remember to keep it positive, replace "I don't want to constantly think about food" with "Today I will nourish myself with foods that help me to feel energised" or replace "I don't want to feel anxious today" with "Today I will feel calm and in control".

So how will you use your first 20 minutes?  

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