How to do weight loss differently so that you can keep the weight off this time!

(without dieting, calorie counting, feeling constantly hungry and deprived AND without willpower!)

FREE, no obligation, Weight Loss Consultation

What to expect from the What you will learn during the consultation:

  • Why willpower doesn't work in weight loss and what you can do instead.

  • Where our eating habits and behaviours have originated from and why they can sometimes feel so out of control.

  • The reason why diets fail.

  • Why we don't need to deprive ourselves and how it's actually better if we don't!
    (some of these will make you feel an instant sense of relief!)

  • How Hypnotherapy works in weight loss by changing WHY we eat rather than WHAT we eat

The telephone consultation will last 45 minutes and will be an opportunity for you to share your weith loss journey so far.  the main challenges

What to expect and how hypnotherapy works in weight loss.

What else to expect:

There will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about hypnotherapy or weight loss hypnotherapy.

You will leave the call feeling that you have some actionable steps to take to move away from that yo-yo dieting mindset.

At the end of the call you can choose whether you wish to work with me further.  If you do so, we will book  There will be no sales pitch and you can simply choose to do nothing further after the call.