Re-frame What Weight Loss Means To You

Every time I decided I wanted to lose weight and said or thought about that word - 'diet'

I would feel flat, demotivated.

It was as if I knew already what that meant.

Starting a new weight loss plan with these feelings certainly wasn't a recipe for success.

The reason was, I associated that word with having to deprive myself.

Having to deprive myself of foods that I enjoy eating otherwise I wouldn’t lose weight.

Otherwise I would have failed straight away.

It wasn’t helpful and I wasn’t giving myself the best chance of achieving my goal.

So here’s what I did differently.

I started to change how I thought about weight loss and eating healthier.

The first change I made was to ban the word 'diet' from my vocabulary.

The next change I made was to rename that word

Rename it to something more positive.

Something that would represent what losing weight really meant to me.

One word or a sentence that described how I would feel once I had achieved my weight loss goal.

So now I wasn’t on a diet, I was on a journey to confidence.

Change starts in the mind.

From today, I want to suggest to you that you do the same.

Re-think and reframe what weight loss means to you.

Instead of using that demotivating word 'diet'.

Instead of thinking about the start of the journey of weight loss.

Think about the end result.

What will that look like to you?

What will that feel like to you?

What will that sound like to you?

I know you can do this.

Click here to join my FREE 5 Day Challenge to Change Your Mindset about Weight Loss.

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 Julie Hindmarsh

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