Weight Management

Do you eat even though you're not really hungry?  Do you eat because you're feeling sad, lonely, bored or unhappy?  Have other weight loss methods worked only to find you've put the weight back on again?  Do you want a technique that can work out why all of this happens and make changes that last?  Hypnotherapy for Weight Management can help you to achieve that.

Virtual Gastric Band

Are you feeling anxious, foggy headed, stressed, having panic attacks or just generally out of sorts and struggling to put your finger on why?  Do you want to see life more clearly, feel calm and in control and be back to yourself again?  If you want a safe, relaxing and completely natural approach, hypnotherapy for anxiety is a natural state of awareness where you are always in control and the only side effect is relaxation.

Do you want to experience the benefits of a Gastric Band without the surgical procedure?  The Virtual Gastric Band will help you to understand why and when you eat and to change your eating habits.  Through mind and body you will be fitted with a virtual gastric band.  

I am also able to help with:  Smoking Cessation, Phobias, OCD, Confidence, Motivation, Sleep Problems*, IBS*, Migraines* and most mind related matters.
*  indicate where areas are subject to full examination by a GP prior to treatment using hypnotherapy.