What is the best way to lose weight?

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So you've tried loads of diets and may even have been successful with some of them.  Each time you've lost the weight you wanted to or at least experienced some weight loss but then eventually, for some reason, you lose motivation or something significantly stressful or emotional happens in your life and all of the weight goes back on again.  It feels like you're going around in circles, its demotivating and you're fed up with it.

Do you want to …

⭐Stop obsessing about food?

⭐Stop feeling guilty about eating your 'treat' foods?

⭐Stop using food to overcome boredom, loneliness or stress?

⭐Ban that demotivating word 'diet' from your vocabulary?
⭐Stop seeing weight loss as an extra task that needs to be done in an already busy world?

⭐Focus on nourishing your body with foods that provide fuel and energy?

⭐Start enjoying a new healthy relationship with food?

Why should Hypnotherapy be any different?

Each time you started one of those diets it was going to be different. You were determined and you felt motivated.  Then, you come in from work on an evening after a stressful day where your boss had been especially rude and you felt tired and stressed or you get home from work, have your tea, sit down in front of the TV and realise how lonely or bored you feel. 


Perhaps your situation is different and you're feeling anxious, lonely or stressed for another reason.  Whichever it is, the pattern is always the same you reach for the packet of biscuits, slice of cake or perhaps the fatty burger, portion of fries or call the local takeaway to make yourself feel better.  You have no motivation, no energy and are just too tired to think of resisting. 


This is where your subconscious mind (where all of your habits and behaviours have been stored since the day you were born) has taken over.  It knows that in the past, when you felt like this, those foods helped you to feel better, even just for a short while and then of course you end up actually feeling worse than you did originally because now you also feel guilty for eating those 'off limit' foods.


The problem is, at the moment, your subconscious mind doesn't think about whether its helping you in a good way or think about the fact that you've got different goals now and want to be fitter and healthier it just knows what worked last time and works its hardest to get you to do that again. 

And, if you tried to resist, it would pull out all of its tricks to fight you such as using your imagination to think about how easy it would be to order a takeaway or how that chocolate biscuit will taste when you put it in your mouth and why not have a second one, after all you've ruined it all by having one you might as well go ahead and work your way through the packed.  

Hypnotherapy is different because:


🌟 It makes changes directly to your subconscious mindWhat this means is that it can change those habits that feel ingrained, habits that until now you've felt powerless to overcome.  

🌟 It looks beyond what you can and can't eat, calorie counting and weigh-ins.  You've done all of that, you've obsessed over what foods you've either decided yourself or been told that you can and can't eat and you've had enough of weigh-ins.  Its now time for something new.  

🌟 It helps you to understand your emotions and the effect they have on your eating habits.  You know those times when you're not even hungry but still feel the urge to eat and its usually the urge to eat fatty, processed or sugary foods?  When you eat at times like this you can trust that its your underlying emotions at work.  Recognising this really is key to weight loss and especially maintaining weight loss.

🌟 It can get to the bottom of those behaviours that feel automatic or deep rooted.  For example, the fact that you feel the need to finish the leftovers from other family members' dinner plates or the fact that you dislike waste so much that you just can't seem to bring yourself to stop eating when you're full and just scrape the leftover food into the bin.

Hypnotherapy can help you to get to get to the bottom of those feelings that just seem to be the hardest to understand.  Times when you think to yourself:

"I wish I could stop obsessing about food"
"Why do I feel so guilty when I eat something that I have decided is 'off-limits'"
"Why is being on a 'diet' so hard"
"I wish I could stop using food as a reward"
"Why does the weight always go back on again"

Hypnotherapy can help you to change this thought pattern and instead create new habits and behaviours.

One of my Weight Management clients said this:  ".... the most significant change I noticed about my beliefs and mindset is that I no longer obsess about food and I now eat when I am hungry rather than just because its meal time …"

Another said " ... my belief in myself and my own convictions are more positive ... I think more positive about the things I can change"

Often, the reason for your habits and beliefs are buried deep in your unconscious mind.