Believe You Can Change

When I was a little girl I loved family holidays. 

My Mam comes from a family of 12 and my Mam, Dad and three of my Mam's Sisters' families would go away during the six week school holidays.

The holidays weren't exotic.

We didn't go abroad.

And we never went for more than one week.

But I loved it.

And I loved spending time with my cousins.

We'd go to a coastal town such as Scarborough or Bournemouth.

Play on the beach.

The Dads would make up ball games or take us for a walk whilst the Sisters sat in deck chairs talking.

I can still picture it in my mind.

By the end of the week, I wouldn't want to leave.

As a child, I was rather shy, not much self confidence.

BUT, at the opposite end of that, I had this unquestionable belief that before the school holidays were over I would return to that holiday destination.

I would save up my own pocket money.

I would book the guest house.

And I would travel back.

All by myself.

I was 10.

But the practicalities of doing this being virtually impossible just simply didn't occur to me.

My belief that I would return before the end of the holidays was rock solid.

There wasn't a single doubt in my mind.

Fast Forward to today ...

What would it be like to have that level of belief as an adult?


I'm sure that, although I never did return until the next year, I have come to believe that it is possible to change things that we do have control over.


Use eating habits and behaviours for example, over the last few years, using the tools and techniques I have developed as a hypnotherapist, I have learned how to control how much and in particular the types of food I eat so that I have more energy and feel healthier, every single day.


I still eat sugary stuff … I love chocolate cake …

And I'm not talking about never eating this kind of stuff again.

But now, I find it easy to choose not to eat that very often.

Because of the techniques I use, I am completely in control of the choices I make.

And the best thing is, there is no internal battle

And not anxiety through fighting off sugar cravings

This is so possible for you too.

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